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Groups & Services

Group is held via Zoom unless otherwise stated. Group space is limited. Individual sessions are held virtually unless otherwise arranged. All forms are provided through the secure portal.

Services: Services

BIYT: A Practical Skills Building Group

Do you struggle with effective communication? Emotion regulation? Ready to get your anxiety under control? This group introduces essential skills to increase your ability, and your belief in your ability, to exert control over your own life. Skills are introduced, practiced, and processed.

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#Me: A Process & Support Group

You have worked hard on yourself and made progress in the areas in which you elected to focus. At this point you are clearly in a place to take the next step and attend a process group, should you choose to. NOTE: this group is by invitation only for existing clients.

In a process group we work on the issues that are most important to you.

·  The primary focus of the group is working on your life,

 · What’s going well?

· What’s not going as well as it could go?

 These are your issues.

·  Skills may be introduced and practiced, but skills would not be the primary focus of the group.

·  You give and receive support from the other group members.

·  Group size is limited to no more than 8, no less than 6 participants.

If now is not yet the time for you to work in a group setting, I respect and support that decision as well.


Respecting Anger in Women: RAW

Anger, and at its extreme rage, can rip us apart. It can become such a part of our life that we no longer notice it until something happens…. someone says something…. or we are just fed-up with feeling it.

Are you ready to look at your anger, commit to yourself, and take back your power? If so, this six-week dynamic group is for you. In each session, we will utilize mindfulness, identify a personal trigger, and develop and practice skills to better manage our anger responses both internally and toward others.

A more peaceful future is in your power.


Other Services

  • Individual services

  • Traumatic events recovery

  • Personal healing, self-image strengthening

  • Interpersonal communication effectiveness

  • Emotion regulation & distress tolerance

  • Substance-related issues and concerns

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